Hard Drive Replacement

Has your Mac suddenly stopped working?  The solution may be to replace the hard drive.  Make us your first call as being professionals, we can save your data, or as much of it as can be read, before installing a new hard drive.  We can then reinstall your data onto your Mac, leaving you with a fully functioning computer again.
Sometimes you forget to do a backup and are then taken by surprise by a hard drive failure.  We know you can’t afford to lose any important files which is why we try our best to get back all that we can for you.  Please be aware that it is not always possible to save data if your computer is completely fried, but it is money well spent to give a professional a try before fiddling with it yourself.

Password Remover of operating systems

Your brain is empty and you can not remember your password – and you only need access to your stuff, I know, it’s just too much going on. Relax, I can change or remove your password for your operating system if you forget it.
Maybe you just bought a used computer and need a password to switch if it fits your own individual needs. We can help you there too. For fast and professional service, we are here to help.

Did you forget to back up? Can you hear clicking when you turn on your iMac or MacBook?

Don’t panic! Here we know how valuable and important your information and data is to our customers.

So that is why we go the extra mile to recover your lost data. We also know how easy it is to lose such data either through a virus attack or corrupt hard drive or software issues, power surge, bad sector on disk.

But don’t despair we have software that can retrieve most cases and resolve such a heart breaking problem. So don’t delay the sooner we can help you the better chance of getting all of your personal data back ! Call our engineers today.

3.5 SATA 500gb Hard Drive New OSX and Data Transfer. £185

3.5 SATA 1tb Hard Drive New OSX and Data Transfer. £220

2.5 SATA 500gb Hard Drive New OSX and Data Transfer Now. £165

2.5 SATA 1tb Hard Drive New OSX and Data Transfer. £185

(These prices are a rough guide as data transfers can take longer.)

Solid State Drives and Hybrid Drives:

2.5 512GB Solid State Drive with Data Transfer £270

2.5 256GB Solid State Drive with Data Transfer £190

2.5 SATA1TB Hybrid Hard Drive with Data Transfer £195

2.5 SATA 500GB Hybrid Hard Drive with Data Transfer £175

What are the benefits of having a SSD over a Standard Hard Drive? Speed: This is where SSDs Show the advantage. An SSD-equipped Mac will boot in seconds, certainly under a minute. A hard drive requires time to speed up to operating specs, and will continue to be slower than an SSD during normal operation. A Mac with an SSD boots faster, launches apps faster, and has higher overall performance.

More options available on size and solid state drives and hybrid hard drives too please call us for more info.