MacBook Repairs & Upgrades

All MacBook Models.

MacBook Screen Replacements

 Do you have problems with your iMac or MacBook screen?  If it is cracked, showing lines or the screen is “bleeding” or does not show colours properly, we can replace the glass or LCD for you quickly and with original quality parts.
The outer glass protects the internal LCD screen from being scratched. If you have a problem with the screen on your computer, please get it checked by a professional first. It may be cheaper than you think, so try not to fix it yourself.  We will gladly give you our best advice on these repairs.
We can give you a free quote so please contact us with your specific model information.

Keyboard Replacements

 If you have a damaged keyboard it is a major hassle to use your computer to its full potential.  If you suspect water damage or have any other type of problem then please contact us for a quote.  Don’t worry too much as we offer an affordable service and use original quality parts so we can get you back to work quickly.
Mac computer support, hourly rates We do everything. There is no need to waste time, I know your work is important, so we come to you and help you fix your IT problems. Our office support is an extra service that helps with efficiency and reduce your down time so you can keep your business up and running without having to send off your computers.
You do not have to panic if a computer containing important files stop working, just give us a call and make an appointment for a technician to come and fix it for you. Amazingly simple, just save our contact details for these emergencies.

Fan Replacements For Your Mac

If the fan on your computer starts making noises or rattles then it is time to replace it.  We offer this service so feel free to call for more information or to get a quote.